Decalogue for skin care in winter

Just as we do not go dressed alike in winter than in summer, skin creams and needs a different care depending on ambient temperature.

Explains Dr. Maria Angeles Lopez Marin, Rusiñol Medical Center, “skin needs change and we are applying the cream is no longer effective to balance the skin,” so that gives us 10 tips to care for our skin in the winter when low temperatures can cause it to suffer .

1. Increase the nutrition in our usual cream. With the cold, the skin loses elasticity and therefore nutrition, which is responsible for the feeling of tension to gesticulate, more expression lines or skin feeling burned by the cold mark.

2. Always use cream during the day. The cream during the day will counteract the environmental effect on our skin, so it is applied daily, especially if you’re going to be outdoors. In addition, you must have proper nutrition to curb the effect of cold on the skin, the lower the temperature and increased our age (as we have less resilience), nutrition of our day cream should be greater, especially in we use in the eye area and lips.

3. Use sunscreen product. We believe that because it is cold and the sun warms least not have to protect from sunlight but the effect of UV rays on the skin continues, as well as production or progression of liver spots, photoaging, etc. The sun protection factor should be greater if we are in high mountain areas or snow or water area.

4. Clean without damaging the face at night. During the day, although not notice, we have been accumulating dirt on the skin, without makeup, so we need to clean the skin at the end of the day. However, according to the doctor, you have to escape soaps (for aggressive) and make-up removal wipes (not thoroughly clean), and the best, if we want a quick cleaning, use water Micellar.

5. Always use cream at night. After cleaning the skin we must never forget to apply a cream whose action is to recover the skin of environmental aggression such as cold, strong heating or pollution. The cream should be suited to your skin type, but always remembering that nutrition and therefore the elasticity of the skin is very committed to the low temperatures.

6. Use eye contour and lip contour. The area around the eyes and lips is an especially delicate skin, which is more easily affected by cold, pollution or makeup. It is therefore very important to clean the area gently and apply a special cream to the area to provide the long-awaited nutrition at this time of year to return the elasticity and minimize wrinkles.

7. Exfoliate the skin. The constant changes in temperature cause to accumulate dead skin cells, so it is important that once a week you make a gentle exfoliation encouraging the growth of new skin leaving it soft and healthy.

8. It is time to treat spider veins. In general it is time to treat all skin imperfections, but the blotches, along with stains, a disease whose right time to treat is when we have a few hours of sunlight.

9. Increase consumption of vitamins and antioxidants. To complete the skin care, we must not forget that in the cold months do not take as many raw fruits and vegetables thereby decreasing our daily intake of vitamins and antioxidants, just when the need is greatest (coughs, colds, stress, etc. .) so it is advisable to supplement our diets with a multivitamin that mitigates these shortcomings, our skin will thank you.

10. Do not forget to drink two liters of water a day. And finally remember those drinking two liters of water a day, although we are cold and not sudemos evidently, the water needs of the body are maintained, especially with high heating that dry skin and mucous membranes.

With this Decalogue improve the care of the skin to not only prevent the harmful effects of cold if not also get a more even and luminous skin.

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