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The latest in diets you promise not to lose 15 kilos in two weeks or cleanse your body of toxins, but it goes further: promises to drastically reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s. It is the diet of the mind.

And according to a study from the Rush Medical College in Chicago (United States), this new diet, a hybrid between the Mediterranean and another specific to curb hypertension, has reduced the risk of Alzheimer’s around 53% . It’s not bad at all.

But what’s true this statement? Really a diet can help to prevent the disease? Well to answer many questions, we talked with experts and this is what we have answered:

1. What exactly is the diet of the mind? This is a diet that emphasizes 10 foods: green leafy vegetables, nuts, beans, berry, whole grains, fish, poultry, olive oil and wine. But of course, there is also a blacklist of foods, including red meat include (consume less than four servings per week), butter and margarine, cheese, cakes and sweets (no more than five servings a week), fried foods and fast food.

It is, promoting a food and avoiding other the ideal balance is achieved to avoid inflammation and, consequently, the risk of dementia.

2. How should I organize the week?

Every day: eat at least three servings of whole grains, salad, vegetables, and a glass of wine (. Yes, wine is not a typo). Also uses olive oil for cooking.

  • Most days, that your snacks are nuts.
  • Every other day: Add beans to your dishes (such as, filled a cup)
  • At least twice a week: you can not miss poultry and berries.
  • At least once a week: a plate of fish.

3. Why this diet is different? Basically, there is no daily calorie limit or rules about the kind of snack. All that matters is to consume foods that are healthy for the brain and reduce harmful. It is rather a lifestyle rather than a diet as such. And perhaps this is what makes is so successful.

4. Additional Benefits. But the focus on these foods will not only improve our brain power but also can help you lose weight. And it is not very difficult to achieve if we are doing is avoiding sugar, fried and fast food in exchange for eating more vegetables, fish and nuts, right?

All that, as in everything, do not obsess and there is lots to watch because if a food is healthy, too much can backfire. For example, eye with olive oil. Ah! And here’s another tip: mix carbohydrates (whether at lunch or as an appetizer) protein. Whole grains and fruit helps to satiate and are rich in fiber, which regulate blood, but if you mix them with protein, the effect is even greater!


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